How to Shrink Pima Cotton

Shrinking Pima Cotton: It’s Easy

When you buy a product made from pima or Egyptian cotton, especially if it is a shirt or a sheet you know that you will be spending more money than you would spend if you were buying a regular cotton shirt or sheet. This is because pima cotton is a premium product that is made with exceptionally high quality. With that being said you may find initially that the fit of the shirt or sheet is not exactly how you like it. You may wish to shrink it just a little bit. Here are some tips you can use to shrink your pima cotton products to the proper and desired size.

Wash It!

The first step to getting your pima cotton shrunk down to the proper size is to simply wash it. This is typically the best way to get the cotton to shrink.

After it has been washed run it in a dryer on the highest heat setting and you should find that the cotton is closer to your desired size.

Repeat the process if it is still too large, but make sure to check on it every five minutes.

If you have reached the desired size then you simply need to hang it up to air dry.

Air drying, without any additional heat, will allow you to maintain the same necessary size of the shirt or sheet.